Don’s Fortune Telling

Don's Fortune Telling

The sun finally shined yesterday. If you live in or around Windom, MN it has been a real treat to have a sunny day without rain – an exception if it happens two days in a row. I struggle to get my spring ranch activities completed, my crops planted, and the river continues to flow over its banks. I have heard the news of consistent tornados day after day, flooding that puts Windom water problems to shame, and other weather related catastrophic events that are occurring in other parts of the US and realize others have it much worse than we do.

As the stormy weather moves on, the ground will dry up, the skies will clear, crops will grow, and people will then turn to getting things back to normal – back to where they were before.

I start with these comments because weather is unique – it effects all of us – we can do little to change the day to day weather. Weather it is often a part of a conversation, the news media has weather reports every hour for sure, sometimes more than that, especially in times related to winter blizzards, below zero temperatures, damaging winds and tornadoes, huge rainfalls, and blistering heat –it changes our work habits, effects our household budgets with high heat bills, flooded basements, leaking roofs, hail damaged cars, and many other unexpected – but accepted by most people – situations. These weather forecasts are meant for those of us who hear them to allow us to prepare and be ready for what is coming – even if we do not know what that weather is for sure.

And so I think about this, something that has the potential to impact me so greatly, is often a deciding factor in my daily activities, yet for the most part, I just accept whatever weather comes my way. Or do I? I now spend a lot of time in Arizona in the winter instead of Minnesota cold, I buy hail, fire, flood, crop, and other types of insurance to help in case of a claim or loss. I have warm clothes, chest waders, insulated boots, long underwear, a bathing suit (don’t look folks), but the point is that I prepare for many of the weather changes that I potentially could experience in my life and in many different ways. So weather is something I often react to, but in many ways plan for the potential, live the actual.

Tomorrow is another day and my hope is that you have thought about what is coming or could come in your life and you are taking steps to be prepared. Planning is different than worrying, planning is not an exact science, but it is a way we can control our risk.

Be safe, have fun, DonO

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