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Key Principles of Defensive Driving

Overview and Background:

Fortune Transportation’s commitment to education based training to reduce/ eliminate accidents is critical to our growth and continued success. Fortune would like to introduce an education based program used to reduce the risk of major accidents on highways and roads using simple Defensive Driving Techniques.

Fortune’s objective is to only use the 5 Keys as education to increase awareness while reducing/eliminating costly accidents or incidents.

These Defensive Driving Keys to Preventing Accidents are: Avoid Distractions, Space Management, Control Speed, Look Ahead, and Identify Hazards.

Try to remember it using the mnemonic “All small children love ice cream”.

  1. Avoid Distractions – Stay Alert! Distractions such as texting, eating, adjusting the radio, reading maps, and grooming can reduce reaction time by as much as 44%.
  2. Space Management – Know your vehicle! Having adequate following distance allows drivers time to react. Strive to maintain at least 7-8 seconds of following distance. Double the following distance in adverse conditions.
  3. Control Your Speed – Slow Down! Reduce your speed in work zones, entering an exit/entrance ramp, curves, within city limits, and adverse conditions. Plan your route to avoid feeling rushed.
  4. Look Ahead – See into the future! Don’t just look at the vehicle in front of you, look 15 seconds ahead. Scanning the road far enough in advance give you more opportunity to make decisions.
  5. Identify Hazards – Keep your eyes moving! Continually scan your mirrors. Be aware of slow and merging traffic, low clearances, work zones. Always signal your intent well in advance.

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