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From one Driver to another

  • Check your tire pressure, get alignment if needed, and get a download when you are at a terminal shop.
  • Review download with Le Krumrey, be honest and open minded about it.
  • When you hook up don’t idle. You have more time to check the tire pressure and trailer in general. If you are out of your truck shut it off.
  • Take off easy your truck is not a race car , try to use every gear on that automatic transmission if your loaded, pull that shift lever up if necessary, usually it jumps from 8 to 10, I use the lever around 1350 rpm and get into the 9
  • Don’t engage the cruise control button until you reached the required speed
  • If you see a hill ahead of you cancel cruise let the truck run up the hill and be easy on the pedal, keep an eye on your tablet instant fuel mileage, you don’t have to be the first one up the hill (yes I retract from the pedal going up the hill)
  • Avoid stopping 20 times a day, plan ahead, fuel and shower should be only one stop
  • Before you exit, turn off the cruise control, you’ll be surprised how long that truck glides with no gas pedal
  • If you go thru a city don’t use the cruise, keep more distance so you don’t have to speed up and slow down as much,
  • After 2 or 3 weeks get a new download and review the numbers with Le Krumrey again, there is always room for improvement trust me

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