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Jake R
I didn’t intend on being a Professional Driver… My driving career started in the Army by accident. Once I got my Humvee license in 2007, or rather diesel in my veins. I couldn’t get it out. My driving career only excelled from there. I’m now past 1.5 million safe miles as a Class A driver, and have placed multiple times at the MN Truck Driving Championships. Fortune is a long-term secure bet when it comes to trucking. From safety, to steady freight, and an AWESOME support staff… this place is it! MOVEMENT TO VICTORY!
Jake R., Driver
About Fortune Transportation

About Fortune Transportation

Fortune Transportation was created in 1980 and has grown into a full-truck-load, over-the-road refrigerated carrier with an array of terminals across the Midwest in Windom, Minnesota, Greeley, Colorado, and Roswell, New Mexico. We take pride in knowing we are helping provide to the economy by hauling food and beverages across the heart of America.

Fortune Transportation is a place that enjoys providing personalized services to small towns needing freight services, that are too remote for larger carriers. Having this type of customer service has allowed not only Fortune Transportation to network but our driver’s as well; that enjoy being able to have some stability in where they are going and knowing every time the person who will be greeting them when they get there.

Fortune Transportation operates based on our morals that consists of six values: Ability-driven loops, Level Pay, Home time, Respect, Looking ahead, and safety.

We believe in ability-driven loops matching drivers with loads based upon their driving ability, E-log requirements, load availability, and where our driver’s home is. This has largely contributed to Fortune’s positive driver relationships in being able to not only meet the company needs but the driver’s as well.

We think our driver’s deserve pay options that suit their needs. That is why, we offer a “level-pay option”, in which our drivers are paid weekly based on their average miles. This allows our drivers and their families to be able to better budget with a consistent weekly pay check with differences settled quarterly.

We understand as a family-owned company and as past-drivers, the importance of home time. Our driver’s benefit from being able to be home weekly for their 34-hour reset in the comfort of their home. We believe strongly in working while you’re on duty, and spending time with your family while off duty.

Fortune Transportation operates in a work environment that has a foundation built on mutual-respect. Respect is offered to all current and new employees; however, it is up to the drivers to maintain it.

The Fortune family here is top notch.

Being a leader in the Transportation industry is something Fortune Transportation is. We we’re early to roll on in E-logs, and ahead of the curve in being one of the first companies to select customers and secure freight lanes based on receivers, shippers, and the ability of our drivers.

At the core of our values, sits safety. Fortune Transportation believes in working to keep our employee’s safe from both physical, and financial harm through regular safety training and offering various financial solutions.

I have been here for 8 years. Fortune has very well-maintained equipment, great people (you won’t find better) and solid, consistent miles. The Fortune family here is top notch. They work with you to get you home on time. We are small enough to know your name and big enough to keep you running. Best Company I have ever worked for.
Lowell ‘Andy’ Smith